What are permanent makeup pigments?

Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent makeup pigments are often confused with tattoo ink. However, there are not the same thing. Tattoo inks are designed as truly permanent and they fade differently. Conversely, permanent makeup pigments are particularly designed to work with skin tones to make the results natural.  Effective permanent makeup pigments have been created to ensure they are long-lasting and suitable for treatments. If you find a permanent makeup artist using tattoo pigments, inquire why there are doing so. At times, tattoo pigments are suitable for a black eyeliner but it is not the best idea.

Pigment process

Most permanent makeup pigments are dye colourants which are ground into fine powder and added to neutral or colourless materials which act as a binder. A colourant can be a dye or a pigment, it depends on the type of vehicle it is used in.

The Basics

Choosing the best pigment is crucial to the outcome of the makeup process. Makeup artists have to choose a pigment that mixes evenly to make sure that there is a correct ratio between liquids and powder. The colour of a pigment should also be properly formulated to maintain colour for a long time and resist pigment drying.

Colours and materials

Makeup artists should go for pigments that are made up from the finest iron oxides and colourants available in the industry.  A quality product should offer incredible colour retention and great results every time. Moreover, an artist should consider going for a permanent makeup pigment that is tested and designed by a certified makeup artist with years of experience and colour knowledge.  Moreover, when choosing permanent makeup pigments, an artist should enquire if they can be used effectively for every skin tone.


Makeup artists should choose their pigments that are of high quality. This can be accomplished by purchasing these pigments from trustworthy and reliable permanent makeup suppliers with many years of experience. Furthermore, to certify the quality of the pigments, an artist should check the past reviews of previous customers to see if there are positive.

Pigment Type

There are two main groups of pigment types which are:

  • Non-iron oxide
  • Iron oxide

Iron oxide permanent makeup pigments are often associated with undesirable colour changes. Moreover, iron oxide makeup pigments are known to leave a pink peach trace that leaves a rusty appearance on your skin after it fades off. On the other hand, non-iron oxide pigments fade off without traces as though they were never applied in the first place. This is crucial as permanent makeup may need to be redesigned.

Makeup requires adjustment as the facial skin drops with aging, which alters placements and angles. There is also need forredesigningafter facelifts or after cosmetics surgery. Moreover, there is the need for adjustment if it was an improper placement to begin with, bad shape, or other mistakes. Non-iron oxide eyeliner colours tend to hold on well.

Colour types are ultimately the client’ choice. So, ensure your purchase permanent makeup pigments of the right colours.