Microblading is a new form of semi permanent tattooing used to draw eyebrows. A client’s eyebrows may be completely or partially lacking, due to an illness (alopecia) or thinning. A small handheld device is used to create thin, precise strokes that comprise the process. These strokes are applied individually to give the tattooist control over the shape, size, and color of the eyebrows.

The procedure can be used to enhance and create eyebrow outline, to elongate the eyebrows or create a different eyebrow shape for the client.

It is done by first drawing an outline of the desired shape. The individual strokes are then added with pigments to create the desired effect. Clients get to choose the colour they prefer depending on their skin color and tone.

Despite claims by microblading artists that pigments used completely fade over time, evidence shows they never really do. They fade into lighter colours but never totally go off. Also, inks are deposited into the dermis although artists claim they are deposited in the epidermis.

The speed of fading of microblading depends on many factors eg age, quality of ink used, skincare products the client uses and frequency of exfoliation. It is important to carry out quality research on the artist you choose to employ their services.

Immediately after the microblading procedure is applied, they appear darker than expected but fade into the desired colours within the following 4 weeks.

After application, patients are expected to visit for a checkup in 4 weeks’ time to redefine the strokes and colour. The checkup is also to ensure proper healing and good response.

Microblading eyebrows are expected to last for a period of 1 – 3 years before severe fading.

Safety precautions for the first weeks include avoiding getting brows wet, whether by water or perspiration, coverage of brows with ointment to protect the ink and keeping cuts clean and infection free.

You are adviced to avoid picking scabs that will form from the cuts. It is also advisable to stay clear of glycolic acids.

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