Microblading Supplies UK Wholesale Business

Microblading is the next big thing right now. Actresses, singers and other trendsetters have embraced microblading. As a result, a seemingly large number of people seek out estheticians who, among other beauty processes, know how to microblade. The microblading business keeps growing and demand for it keeps increasing. Thus there is a considerable demand for microblading supplies UK wholesale and microblading tools.

Microblading is a low maintenance beauty process that ensures that for at least 6 months, you wake up with the perfect eyebrows. It involves making little cuts into the skin of the eyebrow and drawing in strokes of ink that look like your brows. It requires depositing pigments under the skin to imitate a natural look. It is a semi-permanent tattoo that needs that you touch it up once in a while, say, once every year or even 3 years, depending on your lifestyle and skin. One good thing about this beauty process is that it does not matter what kind of brows a person has; faint brows, zero brows, even brows lost to alopecia, microblading can solve the problem.

A major benefit of the microblading supplies UK business is that there are relatively few experts or professionals in the field. There are far fewer people in this field compared to other beauty fields. Thus there is fewer competition and more profit. It is likewise a business that can be run with as the boss. You determine when you work and how much you want to charge per session.

The microblading supplies business is one that continues to grow and expand. According to statistics, in the United States alone, about $13 billion was spent on cosmetic processes. A whooping $13 billion! Out of this amount, 42% involves non-surgical procedures such as microblading. This is only in the United States. Market analysts predict that as more people find out about microblading, the demand for it can only continue to rise. As the above statistic shows, there is a huge market for microblading wholesale supplies. Microblading technicians and artists make $55000- $80000 a year depending on the skill, experience and techniques they know.

There are varieties of tools that are used for microblading. Knowing the most popular and the most demanded ones can help you determine which ones you should buy and supply wholesale for maximum turnover and profit. These tools are recommended by the top microblading artists.

• Microblading Pigment
• Microblading blades
• Adjustable Lighting
• Ring Light camera
• Artificial skin pad
• Barrier film
• Microbrushes
Manual pen
• Numbing cream
• Stencils
• Box gloves
• Pigment rings
• Sharps container
• Measuring callipers
• Brow scissors
• Biohazard bags

Microblading is a business that is projected to grow and boom. More people are embracing this technique to enhance their beauty among other factors. As the demand for microblading technicians and artists continues to grow, there also exists an increase in the demand for microblading tools and supplies. The microblading supplies UK wholesale business is and will continue to be a big, thriving and booming business. Take advantage of it now to liberate yourself financially.